Spiritual E-cards - free, designed by Beverly Goldsmith, C.S.B.

These free inspirational E-cards are designed by Beverly Goldsmith a Christian Science practitioner and teacher.
The E-cards are small, printable, portable. Just right to take with you where ever you go.
They have prayer-based spiritual ideas from the King James Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. 
The inspiring E-cards are designed to bring assurance. To remind you that you are safe, well, your needs are always met, you can shut out unhealthy thoughts and fears, and think spiritually about the body. The comforting E-cards also cover such issues as resources, relationships, moving house, being peaceful, buoyant, shockproof, healthy and worry-free. Download a free copy now. Be inspired and assured.

Be like a rubber band. Recover easily from trouble, depression, or illness.

E-card be resilient
Being filled with God's spiritual buoyancy, you can't sink into fear or depression.

E-card buoyancy
When trouble arises unexpectedly you can be cool, calm, and collected.

E-card be shockproof
You are God's calm reflection. Stillness: an essential element of reflection.

E-card be peaceful
Heal a troubling relationship. Employ wisdom of the oyster.

E-card making a pearl
Spiritual Understanding Completely Conquers Every Supply Shortage.

E-card resources
Needs Met
Be confident. You won't 'go down'. The need is always met.

E-card Love meets needs
Moving house
Be like the snail. Move house, but never move home.

E-card moving house
Be worry-free
Don't soak in a bath tub of worry and fear. Be worry-free.

E-card be worry-free
Watch thought
Take charge. Don't ruminate, reiterate, or speculate.

E-card watch thought
What you think
When you pray remember, you are what you think.

E-card what you think
When you pray, what you expect is what you get - WYEIWYG.

E-card on expectation
Be healthy
Truth each day keeps illness away. Be and stay healthy.

E-card be healthy
Preserve health
Like fruit preserved in a jar, God preserves you in good health.

E-card preserving health
Be well
You can do what you need to do, and stay safe and well always.

E-card care of yourself
Be safe
You are safe in God's care. Nothing bad can get through to you.

E-card God's Spacesuit
Body 1
Take charge of the body. Be in the driver's seat.

E-card body #1
You can have HOPE: Healing Opportunities Present Everywhere.

E-card healing opportunities
In healing, start at the top. Pray out from perfection not up to it.

E-card on perfection
Body 2
Think rightly about body. Have thoughts of health not sickness.

E-card body #2
Easter is about gladness. You have eternal life. Live it!

E-card Easter
Unwrap the gift of God's steadfast care all year round.

E-card Christmas
New Year
Look forward to happiness, health and healing.

E-card New year
When you pray
Keep It Simply Spiritual.

E-card KISS

Find happiness, health and healing.
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