Spiritual Inspirational World Articles - written by Beverly Goldsmith, C.S.B.

Find inspiration on world issues such as climate change, weather, slavery, refugees, race relationships, terrorism, racism, corruption, genocide, vision for the future, Easter and Christmas.

Read these inspirational articles written by Beverly Goldsmith, practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing, contributing editor and author of over 130 inspirational articles published on and in The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, The Christian Science Monitor newspaper, and The Herald of Christian Science language magazines.
Although the articles are about major issues of the day, each one contains a personal experience of how Beverly prayed, was protected, healed. Be inspired. There is a solution.

World issues - Click titles to read article

1. What's your vision for the year 2020? - your ideas are needed
2. My vote for democracy 
Toward a certain future - is the world ending?
4. How will you respond to the news?
Needed: accountability
6. Active prayer can transform communities
7. Secure in your home and at the Olympics 

1. Worldwide crisis Prayers needed - ending slavery
2. How I pray about corruption in the Philippines 
3. Sudan and the value of one - Genocide 

1. Climate change
2. God provides abundantly - even in a drought
3. Australia just a prayer away - drought 

4. Prayer for Brisbane, Queensland 2011 floods 
5. Out of disaster: a new sense of community
6. Prayer for Queensland flood recovery
7. Prayer for flood affected school children - back to school
8. Prayer for Pacific Islands- sea-level Tuvalu/torrential rain/flooding
9. Trauma in the tsunami aftermath: there is a way out 
10. To comfort those touched by the tsunami
11. Combating compassion fatigue in times of crisis 
12. Canberra firestorm and the demand to care 
13. My prayer for Myanmar

1. Prayer instead of violence 
2. What can we do about violence 
3. Courage - to fight crime
4. Race riots and brotherly love
5. Healing racism
6. Are you racially prejudiced?
7. Going home by the Rabbit-proof Fence - Aboriginal Stolen Generations


1. Prayer for refugees
2. You can help refugees here and now 
3. What I learned about praying for hostages
4. Why my prayer for Bali includes everyone - even the terrorists
5. Recovering without revenge 
6. My proactive prayer about terrorism

1. What Christmas means to me - unwrapping God's steadfast care
2. Easter gladness, not sadness
3. What does Easter mean to you?
4. A time to be glad about life
Church Alive:
1. How I study the Bible Lesson - and put it into practice
2. A feeling of fellowship - friendship, family

Languages- Click titles to read article


1. Die Macht des Gebets
2. Gebet für das Klima macht Sinn?
3. Himmel -- jetzt!
4. Wie soll ich antworten?
5. Was bedeutet Ihnen Ostern
6. Sklaverei weltweit bekampfen
7. Freude zu Ostern nicht Traurigkeit


1. Tu peux reussir!
2. La prière contre la sécheresse
3. Quand et comment prier?
4. Comment reagir
5. Memoire defaillante? Se ressourcer en Dieu
6. Que signifie Paques pour vous?


1. ¿El Cielo está aquí?
2. Como responderia usted?
3. Protegidas ante un tremor repentino
4. Que significa para usted la Pascua?


1. Momentos de esquecimento ou de espiritualidade com Deus?
2. O que e Deus?
3. Voce tem a capacidade necessaria
4. Não é preciso ser uma supermulher!

 1.Tanrı’nın sağlayışı boldur—kuraklıkta bile

 Hindi - हिन्द
1. मेरी देखभाल कौन करेगा?


1. Miten suhtaudut uutisiin?
2. Ilmastonmuutos


1. Come reagiamo alle notizie?
2. Cambiamenti climatici


1. Bagaimana anda akan menanggapinya?


1. Wat is uw reactie?


1. Hvordan vil du reagere?


1. Hvordan vil du reagere?


1. Πώς θα αντιδρούσατε

Japanese 日本語

1. How will you respond? あなたは、どのように応えますか?
2. Climate change 気候変動


Find happiness, health and healing. 
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