Spiritual Inspirational Articles -  by Beverly Goldsmith, C.S.B.

Find inspiration, help and healing in  these inspirational articles written by Beverly Goldsmith, practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing, contributing editor and author of over 140 inspirational articles published on and in The Christian Science Journal , Christian Science Sentinel, The Christian Science Monitor newspaper, and The Herald of Christian Science language magazines.
Each article contains a personal experience of how Beverly prayed, was protected, healed and found solutions to major life issues. Be inspired. Find solutions. Read. Share. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Health / healing / prayer - Click and read article

1. Is talking about sickness healthy?              2. Allergy season or a time of freedom
3. A television ad can't make me sick             4. I kept replaying the movie in my mind
5. Menopause - My 'change of life' prayer       6. Migraine headaches healed 
7. You can think for yourself - appendicitis symptoms healed
8. Safe from sports injuries                            9. To eat or not to eat
10. Breaking the caffeine habit                     11. Wanted: a good night's sleep
12. Protection from malaria                           13. Harmless mosquitoes
14. Prayer vs contagion                                 15. An "impervious armor" against Agent Orange 
16. Prayer and pain relief                               17. Prayer Power - healing
18. How and when can we pray?                  19. Daily prayer and good health
20. Prayer: reliable protection from flu             21. Taking a stand for dependable metaphysical healing
22. "Senior moments"? Or moments with God      23. Who will take care of me?

Creativity / worry / grief  / intuitions

1. Where does creativity come from? 2. The source of creative ideas. 3. Worry list or prayer list.

4. Rising above grief. 5. A love that outshines grief. 6. Suicide prevention.

Find happiness, health, and healing.
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